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Linkbot is the only AI-powered internal linking tool that can help you improve your website's SEO, increase organic traffic, and boost sales.

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Internal Link Building Tool

Internal Content Linking Platform

Linkbot analyzes your website's content and creates the most valuable internal links possible. This helps your website rank higher in search engines, attract more visitors, and convert more leads.

Internal Link Report
Internal Link Report

Easily understand your site content structure

Automatic Internal Link
Automated Linking Bot

Automatically create links based on content targeting topics

Internal Link Plugin
Copy and Paste Installation

Create internal links in just a few minutes instead of hours

Internal Link Checker
Click and Traffic Reporting 

Visualize the links and content that drive engagement

Two Services That Work Together

Our comprehensive internal linking report and our automated content linking bot provide a complete on-site linking strategy.          

SEO Internal Link Report

Our internal linking report grades your content links.

On-site internal linking is the fastest and easiest way to improve your organic search traffic and user session metrics.  

Generate a free internal linking report in just a few minutes to get a detailed understanding of how well your site ranks for linking between internal site content.  


Our link bot automatically creates your internal links.  

Our internal link bot enabled using simple copy and paste code automatically identities and creates the most valuable internal links for your website content in just a few minutes. 

Improve Your Website Ranking Fast
  • Internal links supercharge your website ranking by providing search engines with a clear topic relationship between your content.

  • Easily manage your internal links using a single, consolidated dashboard to manage hundreds of links in just minutes.

Automatic Internal Linking Plugin

Internal linking is the most powerful asset in your SEO toolbox.

Search Engine Indexing
Enhance Search Engine Understanding  

Give search engines the help they need to get a complete understanding of your site and how your content fits together as a single source of truth.

Increase Organic Search Traffic
More Organic Search Traffic

Get visitors to come and stay on your site, reducing SERP bounce-backs increasing organic ranking and search engine traffic. 

Googlebot Internal Link
Helps Spiders Navigate Your Site

Internal links guide search engine bots through content related to the topics you choose to create content around that drive engagement and conversions.  

Increase Page Views
Increases Page Views

Lead visitors further down your conversion funnel by linking long form content pages to content that drives higher conversions with our intelligent linking.  

Fix Orphan Pages
Prevent Orphaned Content 

Our service ensures that every page on your site gets brought the attention it deserves based on the content keyword targeting you choose.

Increase Conversion Rates
Improves Conversions

Getting visitors more deeply engaged with your site content fosters trust and understanding of your product or service offerings, increasing sales conversions. 


Increase in organic search engine traffic


Increase in sales conversions from search traffic


Increase in average page views per session

Neil Patel - SEO Expert

Internal linking is one of SEO’s most valuable weapons. Why? Because it works.

John Mueller - Head of Google Search
John Mueller Google Search Team

Internal linking is super critical for SEO. I think it’s one of the biggest things that you can do on a website.

Chris Walker - Superstar SEO
Chris M. Walker Superstar SEO

Internal link building should be an integral part of any serious on-page SEO effort.


You're on the right track. What industry insiders say about internal linking.

Don't just take our word for it, experts all agree, a comprehensive internal content linking strategy is one of the most important ways to increase your organic traffic, increase on-site engagement, and earn more conversions.

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Our link reports and automatic link bot work with any web platform:

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Can search engine spiders see links created by the link bot?

Yes. Modern search engine spiders such as Google Bot can easily render and navigate the links created by our link bot snippet. That is why it is so valuable to organic search performance. Add hundreds of high quality internal links in minutes.

What are the requirements for using the link bot tool?

Our copy and paste snippet code works with nearly any website using two lines of copy and paste HTML JavaScript code. Wordpress sites are fully supported as well as any site using Google Tag Manager.  

How does the Link Bot know which links to create?
  • First, our bot scans all of the content pages on your site and extracts the keywords used for each content piece.

  • Second, the page content for all pages is cross-referenced to the page keyword list in step one to find content and link matches. 

  • Finally, a Linkbot is created for your review so you can approve the proposed links. Only the links you choose to deploy will be added by the link bot. You can enable and disable the links or the bot at any time from your Linkbot account.

Linkbot linking grades and reports are free forever. Add the automatic link building bot free for 30 days.